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Letters Lost and Found


We receive a fair amount of greeting cards at Christmas time. They’re mostly from family and friends.


This past holiday I received a card that shared the same street name as ours, and at first glance the zip code could have been mine, 08080. I opened the card. It was a collage of family pictures of folks I did not know. I checked the envelope again and my eye caught the town was Central Kildare, PEI. The zip was COB1BO. As it was handwritten, visually it could be mistaken for 08080, but after I researched the address I found that is was a Canadian zip code, Prince Edward Island.


This Christmas card was something more than mass produced commercially boxed ones. Along with a brief personal note it was photos of a family and their latest and greatest look. I repackaged it and sent it off to the intended recipients, with a little note of explanation and a wish for happy holidays.


Today I received in the mail a lovely note of appreciation, written on handcrafted stationery, thanking me for sending off the Christmas greeting that would have been lost, along with the sentiments that went along with it.


This note came to me at the end of a frustrating and hectic day. It brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart.


My note also held a brief explanation of the beautiful rural life my new found acquaintances are making for themselves, along with an invitation to keep in touch.


I plan to respond in kind.

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