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Who will she be?

She has the most disarming little smile
Green eyes and silky brown hair
Cute as a button, some might say
Pretty, petite and willful and stubborn
All wrapped up in a pretty little package
Of piss and vinegar, in a frilly white ruffled blouse
That is deceptive, don’t be fooled
She will draw you in like a snake in a tree with that little smile
That soon turns into a grin that soon turns into a smirk
That soon turns into a grimace and then it happens,
Todzilla roars to life.

It is a freak of nature that such a tiny being
Can make such a cacophony
There are days when it seems
She has been three for three years
The terrible two’s felt like a decade
So that is progress, maybe.
Today she is Todzilla.
With all piss and vinegar and
The willful stubbornness that
Easily runs through her veins and brain
Her power surges are fueled by some unknown source
That needs to be unplugged.


That would be wrong.
Her life force will serve her well someday
While it sucks the energy of us all right now.
Today’s piss and vinegar is the formula
For tomorrow’s bewitching charisma.
She will be special and strong.

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Inspired by Nina