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I Liked Avatar.


Someone just posted on Facebook that he hated Avatar so much he walked out before the end of the movie. The thread that continued was a mix of praise for the movie and slams from those that were looking for a “plot” or original storyline. I think perhaps my friend would have been more patient if he were not in the beginning of trying to quit smoking, but that’s another issue.


Avatar is not a movie with an original plot. It is not meant to be that. It is not even a movie with any new viewpoint on good versus evil, disregard for the environment, life with the struggles of morals, conscience, life, death, bliss, remorse….the list can go on ad-nauseum. That is not to say that there are not opportunities to tell new stories about such things, but the movie Avatar is not primarily about all that makes up our life in this or any other universe.


The story is far from original. There are shades of several fantasy/sci-fi book series included in the story like Dragon Riders of Pern, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, and The Sparrow. Many of us geeky/nerd types appreciate the borrowed nuances of those elements within some of those story lines. Some folks have compared it to Pocahontas or Last of the Mohicans. It matters not what old storyline one might attach to the movie. Avatar is a movie first and foremost displaying what can be done with cutting edge cinema digital technology and just happens to tell a warm and fuzzy story along the way.


There is no new viewpoint on much of anything in this movie. The sequence of events is predictable and there is some comfort in that. If there were a different kind of story to tell, it would be a distraction to appreciating the great digital effects. This is what the movie is about, an old story (or two) told in a new fashion.


The term avatar is by definition a variation or form based on the essence of a person or entity. How many of us have an avatar or caricature of ourselves on our Instant Messenger windows or cell phones? I don’t think we use such visuals to be deep or profound. We do it because it’s fun.


Avatar the movie is a visual piece of eye candy that expects the viewer to suspend reality and practical beliefs. Sit back and enjoy the visual ride.


The soundtrack was really entertaining too.

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