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Wikipedia describes fourteen in very basic terms “14 ( fourteen ) is the natural number following 13 and preceding 15.” It’s the minimum age allowing for a few things that really don’t amount to much along the line of extra freedom, mostly movies that require an adult companion. In some states it is the minimum age to drive, usually just farm tractors, no fun in that. It is also the age of Tayler, Grandaughter #1 who turned 14 in July.

She had a relatively relaxing summer. She enjoyed a cruise to the Bahamas just before the end of her school year and spent time at the beach with family and friends. Not too shabby a life, especially considering she has an inground pool to enjoy at home. Some 14 year old girls are not able to go to school because they have to go to work in factories. In some countries 14 year girls are married off and begin to have babies and take care of a household. She frequently wants to know when a story will be written about her. In honor of the number of 14, here’s a sonnet to Tayler, fourteen lines all about Tayler.

Sonnet to Tayler’s Teenagery

Tayler, loving older sister to sister Todzilla.
Tayler, beautiful teenager with stunning red hair and a curvy body.
A little too comfortable in that curvy body.
Tayler,takes on each day the same way she came into this world, as slowly as possible.
Not intellectually energetic, not unintelligent, simply finds no practical use for her brain yet.
Hasn’t figured out her passion yet, except straightening her stunning red hair.
There’s time for that, just as there’s plenty of time for life which
Is extremely confusing and frustrating and exciting.
It would be more exciting if everyone would let her do as she wants, she thinks.
Done nothing to cause mistrust, mistakes in judgment are yet to be made, at a later date.
Tayler, just fourteen and just wants to have fun that looks like everyone else’s fun
The timid teenager has found some defiant willfulness, losing some social finesse at home.
Tayler’s adults are more sympathetic than she could ever know right now.
We all remember fourteen, too well and she will too, once she stops hating us all.





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