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Ferris Wheels and the Stop at the Top


I love Ferris Wheels. The best part for me about the Ferris Wheel ride is the stop at the top. As each passenger gets off or on and each car inches its way around, I can’t wait for the stop at the top.


It never occurred to me that my happy anticipation of climbing slowly around and stopping here and there could be anxiety for someone else.


My husband hates heights. On one of our early dates we went to a carnival. I wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel. In his eagerness to be gallant, he did get on the ride. But on the way up as I described the stop at the top, he told me how nervous this stuff made him. I really couldn’t understand until we held hands. His was drenched with nervous sweat. He really hated that slow climb to the top but was willing and ready to do it with me and for me.


If I had to pinpoint a moment when I was sure he was a keeper, it wouldn’t be that first ride on the Ferris Wheel. It was the second one. It was his idea (I wouldn’t ask) and it was a much bigger Ferris wheel with a much longer stop at the top. His palms still dripped with nervous sweat but I held his hand just a little tighter, in love and happy that I had someone who would do something that made me happy even if it gave him gross sweaty palms and almost sick to his stomach. What a guy!

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