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Girlfriends and A Day at the Beach

Louise: So, Thel, What do you think?
Thelma: Well, how honest do you want me to be?

Louise: Well, Thelma, I think you look like a smacked ass, wearing those stockings and high heels. After all, we are at the beach.
Thelma: Pffft! You’re wearing a fox stole and net veil hat, who are YOU calling a smacked ass?

Louise: I have flip flop sandals on my feet, very appropriate for the beach and no godforsaken stockings...oh, and no panties...just in case, you know, you never know how the day will go.
Thelma: No, I don’t know, and please tell me why did we rent these beach chairs?

Louise: Because it’s the thing to do when at the beach.
Thelma: Is it, now? And why are we sitting on this sand dressed up like it’s Easter Sunday?

Louise: Because we look smart and sophisticated.
Thelma: Pfft, I don’t think so.

Louise: Well, why else would we be here on the beach? Besides the salt air is good for you. My mother says so.
Thelma: How can that be? We are covered from head to toe. Our hats cover our entire head!

Louise: We have to be covered. My mother says that ladies of a social place do not sport sun tans or sun burns and hide their freckles. It makes one look like a peasant or someone who works in a field or farm. It’s a sign you’re not manor born.
Thelma: But we’re not manor born! We live in the city. That is just dumb. I feel dumb sitting in the sand like this.

Louise: Don’t be silly! This is a good way to meet a fella! My mother says so.
Thelma: Oh Really? Did your mother tell you not to wear panties?

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